Big Basin Water Company

Big Basin Water Company

P.O. Box 197

Boulder Creek, CA

If you are not already aware our entire system has a do not drink notice in effect. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Updated 09/23/2020: Regarding the CZU Complex Fires:

We are informing all customers that our system will remain in extreme conservation for the indefinite future (weeks if not months) most of our system is destroyed but we still have a singular well source producing water, those using the sytems water for unacceptable purposes such as washing homes with power washers and any outside irrigation will be the reason the system goes empty if it does so please be aware and be cautious when using water, thank you for your assistance and conservation during this catastrophic event 

We currently are on our second round of testing and once we get those results back we will be updating customers on the next steps regarding the return of safe drinking water. We thank you for your patience during this time. 

We are asking all of our customers to please either submit a contact form or email us at with your name, address, account number if you have it, and please let us know if your house is structurally sound and wish to have water serviced, or it is damaged/destroyed and wish to postpone or close your account entirely.

Please if you have your current bill send the amount to the standard P.O. Box 197 Boulder Creek, CA

We would like to remind all of our customers that it is your responsiblity to maintain an unobstructed meter. Please no bushes, low hanging branches or objects of any kind on the meter box. If this is not followed there will be a minimum fee of $50. Thank You

For any questions or concerns regarding your water service please submit a contact form as our office phone has been destroyed in the recent CZU wildfires. We thank you for your understanding.