Big Basin Water Company

Big Basin Water Company

P.O. Box 197

Boulder Creek, CA

  The leak is fixed. Please note the boil water order below. If you need water you can fill up at the SLV Water station in Boulder Creek next door to the drug store. 

It is expected to have brown water after a pipe repair. Let your faucets run until it clears. Clean your screens on the faucets also. Took a round on tests 10/21/2021.We will do another round of test today 10/22/2021. I will let you know when we get the all clear from the State to lift the Boil Water Order.  

Please be aware: We currently are asking all customers to conserve water until further notice. This situation has been ongoing since February of 2021 and our system water level is still concidered to be extremely low and overusage may cause an outage. Thank you for your understanding. Still in affect until futher notice. NO outside watering as of 8/28/2021

Our system is still in conservation due to a combination of wildfires and lack of rain last winter. Though the conservation is not as strict as it was immediately after the fires please be aware and conscious of the amount of water you are using. We thank you for your assistance and conservation, we are more than happy to answer any questions regarding water usage via email or phone.

It would be greatly appreciated by the Big Basin Water Company family if any and all business questions, concerns, and/or requests go through the email or call one of the phone numbers listed to the right side of this site. This helps us with responding to all customers who contact us. Thank you.

Please refrain from calling any other contact number you may have for Big Basin Water Company that is not listed on this website, these numbers are either outdated or destroyed due to the fire.

We would like to remind all of our customers that it is your responsibility to maintain an unobstructed meter. Please no bushes, low hanging branches or objects of any kind on the meter box. If this is not followed there will be a minimum fee of $50. Thank You

Attention All Customers:

We have now implemented a call center service for our company. As of now any calls will be filtered through the call service and then dealt with accordingly, this goes for all questions or concerns over the phone. You will be instructed to provide your name, phone number, and address when calling the call center. Customers are still welcome and encouraged to email us at with questions, concerns, and issues. If there are any questions regarding this please let us know via email.

For any questions or concerns regarding system issues/leaks/re connections please contact:


For any questions or concerns regarding accounts/bill payments please contact: