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Big Basin Water Company

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We have now released almost our entire system from the "Do not Drink Order" Put in place August of last year. Please read below for more informaiton.

Updated 01/14/2021:

We have now released more areas within our system from the "Do not Drink Order" please see the below form for locations, we are still working with the state to get the last area, Camino Verde Drive off of the "Do not Drink Order" and we thank you all for your patience.

Our system is still in an extreme conservation due to the CZU Wildfires. Those using the sytems water for unacceptable purposes such as washing homes with power washers, filling pools and/or hot tubs and any outside irrigation could cause certain areas or the entire system to go empty, so please be aware and be cautious when using water. We thank you for your assistance and conservation, we are more than happy to answer any questions regarding water usage via email or phone.

Below the Unsafe water Alert you will find our most recent testing reports. We have updated water test results, our most recent is dated 01/01/2021. In order to view the linked reports you must copy the Google Drive share links for the multi page reports found below the unsafe water alert form, then you must paste these links in web browsers in order to view the full reports.

It would be greatly appreicated by the Big Basin Water Company family if any and all business questions, concerns, and/or requests go through the or call one of the phone numbers listed to the right side of this site. This helps us with responding to all customers who contact us. Thank you.

Power Outage information as of 01/21/2020:

We are aware that majority of our system is empty due to the loss of power, currently we are beginning to fill our system with a new generator, it may take some time to fill our tanks with the generator so unless the power returns to the entire system today expect full water restoration to occur tonight. Please be aware the below notice to boil water goes into affect as soon as water is restored to the system. We will update our site with more information once we get the water restored, thank you for your understanding.

We would like to remind all of our customers that it is your responsiblity to maintain an unobstructed meter. Please no bushes, low hanging branches or objects of any kind on the meter box. If this is not followed there will be a minimum fee of $50. Thank You

Lab Report 201109_19-01:

Lab Report 201105_43-01:

Lab Report 201219_03-01:

For any questions or concerns regarding system issues/leaks/reconnections please contact:


For any questions or concerns regarding accounts/bill payments please contact:


NOTE: Both of these are personal cell phones of employees so we ask you are respectful and aware of the time of day you are calling if it is before or after 9am-5pm. Thank you.